How to prepare to buy a “Coming Soon” home

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A new home is exciting. A brand-new home—one that is newly constructed—is even better! There are so many advantages to buying a new home versus a resale, but do you know how to prepare to buy a “Coming Soon” home? Better yet, get ready to buy one from New Home Inc. Our homes are “Future Proof”, designed for the way people live today and what they want in the years ahead.

As we continue to break ground on communities and homesites in the Raleigh area—a great place to live, work, and play. Whatever you’re searching for, you’ll find it here, including a great climate, friendly people, and a long list of things to do.  While these new homes are under construction, you can start planning to buy the right one. We make it so easy for you to flow through the process of buying a new home. So, let’s get started.

“Coming Soon” refers to a home that hasn’t even been listed as “For Sale” yet. But you can take steps to prepare to buy a New Home Inc new construction home in the Raleigh area. And with the high demand for new homes right now, it’s to your benefit to move through the steps to avoid delays—which could cost you the home you’ve been dreaming of!

What are the steps to prepare to buy a new construction home?

Step #1: Get pre-approved for a mortgage.

Find out how much you can afford by getting a mortgage pre-approval from a qualified lender. This step tells you and the seller that you can expect to be approved for up to a determined amount for a mortgage. You can remove all the guesswork about whether or not you can afford to buy the home before you go and fall in love with it.

A pre-qualified buyer is a serious buyer, and the pre-approval letter should be included with any offer you make on a home.

To get pre-approved for a mortgage, you need to provide some basic information, including your employment, annual income, a copy of your bank statement, pay stub, and your social security number so that your credit report can be obtained. You will usually find out about your mortgage prequalification within 24 hours.

With this step completed, you can search for a new home with confidence that you will qualify for the mortgage to pay for it. New Home Inc works with top-notch lenders who understand financing a home that is under construction. It makes a difference in knowing the documents to prepare and when to do them, in order to avoid any delay in closing.

Step #2: Go looking for the right one.

When you’re in the market for a “Coming Soon” home, you have time to check out the area before the house hits the market. You probably already have an idea of the location you want for your new home. Although it’s tempting to just look online, we recommend you get out and explore the areas. There are just some things that the internet can’t tell the complete story for. Look at the neighborhoods. Do they fit your idea of the right place? See how it would feel to come home here. What kinds of services are in the area? If you’re a commuter, check out the drive during the hours you’d be commuting. See how close the home is to your everyday needs like, grocery, restaurants, recreational activities etc. The goal here is to feel totally comfortable to be able to make a decision when the time comes.

When you complete this step, you’re closer to being in the right spot to buy that “Coming Soon” home when it. Actually flips to an active “on the market” home.

Step #3: Spend time ahead.

At New Home Inc our website is loaded with content for our new homes. From high quality photography, video tours of the homes and surrounding area, to virtual walk-though tours. In addition to all that, New Home Inc welcomes our interested buyers to do a walk-through in our homes while they are being built (accompanied of course). There’s nothing like seeing the actual home to get a true feel for living there. You can see how the layout flows and ask questions of the project superintendent, right on the site. You also see how the home is situated on the property, the view from the various windows, and the way the natural light touches the home.

When you know all these details about the “Coming Soon” home, you’re that much closer to making a decision and making your offer as soon as the home hits the market.

Step #4: Communicate.

You’ve done your advance preparation and you have a good idea of what you want. Even if you’re still thinking about the decision, take the next step. Contact a lender for pre-approval and reach out to us as soon as you can. Let us know what you’re looking for—location, style, and price range. Sign up for the New Home Inc VIP List to be sure you’re notified of our most recent news, plans, and opportunities. If we don’t know you’re interested, we can’t let you know when a listing goes live. In this competitive market, homes sell quickly. Don’t let yours get away.

There’s never any high-pressure selling at New Home Inc. We aren’t going to push you into making a decision. Our interest is in helping you find the perfect home and location. If that’s with a New Home Inc home, great! Be assured that our top priority is creating happy homeowners.

Step #5: Take action.

You’ve gotten this far and now you’re ready to take the big step to buy a “Coming Soon” home. Once you’ve completed Steps 1 through 4 on this list, you’re in great shape to make it happen.

You know all about the home. You’re pre-approved to buy it. This next step is like clicking “Send”.  Review and sign the Purchase and Sale Agreement, present the deposit, and sit back with confidence that this New Home Inc new home is yours!

If you have any questions about our homes and communities, the buying process, or what we do, please contact us. We love talking about the advantages of choosing New Home Inc as your builder.

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